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I hate the large formal weddings they just seem so pretentious to me. They just seem more about the show than the act. I sincerely just don't get the attaction of those large weddings yes I'm married.

We saved our money for a few years and toured Europe for a month in lieu of a wedding "show". It was one of the best decisions we made.

Well, I'm a big show-off so I'm having a big wedding next year and I am going to act as if I'm the only woman on earth getting married. It's just more fun that way for me.

Personally, I love weddings. I have been a bridesmaid twice and I"m now a bride. I am however very considerate of others. I don't believe in talking about the wedding every day all day.

I be sure to call my friends to see what's happening in their lives. Being a bride is fun and stress free if you have a good team of people working with you and supportive friends and family.

I don't have a lot of money and I'm doing my best to keep our wedding under people. The big day is about commitment and love. If you are trying to put on a show then the marriage is bound to fail anyway.

Best of Luck to everyone. What I hate about weddings is the stupid reception traditions that everyone follows that makes the reception into this really long, orchestrated, scheduled event.

It takes hours to get through it all and I'm left wondering how much of it I have to stay for to be polite. Lose the regimentation and let people including the bride and groom actually enjoy themselves.

And why the hell is cutting a big cake such a ceremony? My friends wedding she did all the traditional stuff first, it was agony, i know she meant get it out of the way, but it really dragged!!

I was glad when it was time to dance! I am definitely skipping some of those reception traditions for my wedding I am a bride planning on getting married next year.

I find this site so refreshing after just viewing some of those over the top wedding sites that are trying to get me to fork up my first born for our wedding!!

I think its amazing how these weddings are getting bigger and bigger, yet the divorce rates are getting higher and higher. Love your site, but must admit that I'm getting married next summer.

When I agreed to this versus eloping, I made my fiance agree to the following rules: After 20 long years as a part-time wedding photographer,I am sick to death of weddings!

As a single guy,I have come to detest weddings After getting nagged into going to a wedding of a friend of a friend 3 years ago by my best female friend, I swore off going to weddings.

I barely knew the bride,I'd never met the groom before the day of the wedding. I wasted 3 days on this stupid thing Plus, I had the "pleasure" of sitting at a table with a bunch of people I didn't know and would have crossed the road to avoid if I'd been anywhere else.

Trust me,the food and drinks aren't free Now, I have a new method of dealing with wedding invites I come out far ahead with this method You are my hero.

I've worked as a wedding waitress for many years and nowadays weddings pretty much make me want to puke. Ironically I met my boyfriend as a guest at one of the weddings where I worked.

All I hear from friends, family and coworkers-- "why aren't you married, when you are you gonna get married, you should get married so I can have helping you plan it, etc" I also get very frustrated with all the wedding hoopla in the media.

There are reality shows based on weddings. Or if they do care that much, they are in severe need of a life. Every single wedding is pretty much the same.

People pick practically the same dresses, the same flowers, the same songs. Your day is not that special. It really doesn't matter in the big picture.

LL, dump the boyfriend. You obviously want different things. When people bug you about marriage, change the subject to the weather.

Maybe even dump the "friends" and avoid the relatives who are being inconsiderate. You can't choose your family and coworkers but you can choose your friends.

Wedding planning is making me sick, I should be studying, I obsess about it, theres so many choices, so many possibilities, how is anyone to choose?

This bride to be is indecisive and losing it! Do I even have to have a "wedding"? Will I regret it for the rest of my life if I just get married in a registry and go on a nice honeymoon in Jamaica or Europe?

Honestly, I feel sick. AS kid i adored weddings but now, i have been a flower girl and infinite number of times and a brides maid twice that.

I am also in the process of planning a wedding and the 2 families are totally different. I hate trying to plan an event for the two sides to mesh.

I absolutely dread the day that it happens. I wish I could just get married with out the whole ordeal around it. I had the idea to have a wedding in the caribbean and my fiance mentioned it to his family and they said sure invite everyone, but I dont want everyone.

I googled "i hate planning my wedding" and found this website. Everyone else I know that got married really enjoyed planning and having a big wedding and I feel odd that I dread it.

I am glad I found this site as it makes me feel that I am not the only bride with these feeling. Thank you for this website.

I have a 21 year old friend who is black-balling her boyfriend into marrying her next summer. He hasn't even purchased the ring that she picked out herself in advance of course , and she's already tried on half the dresses at David's Bridal and has an entire website set up on theknot.

She offered me the "honor" of being one of her bridesmaids, but I'm not about to waste my time and money on a wedding for people who will be divorced within ten years.

They give an outlet for selfish, self-absorbed people to display their selfish self-absorbsion in a socially acceptable manner.

I can't believe that "advice" you gave to LL. Dump her boyfriend simply because he won't get married?? They have been a couple for almost four years!

I thankfully have NOT been to a wedding in almost 20 years my sister's wedding was the last one I went to , and I refuse to go to any. I have pretty much told my friends not to invite me I'll send them a gift.

Luckily most of my friends are against such traditions anyway. Stupid women still get roped into the "princess" fantasy, right down to the "white wedding dress" Nobody cared about the groom's virginity; it was only the bride who had to be "pure".

The woman was property of her father, hence the father "giving away" his daughter to her new owner, the husband-to-be.

Why women still go through with these unfeminist traditions show how pretentious and shallow they are. Forget about the marriage, just go common-law; or save the money you'd spend on a dumb wedding and go on extended vacation with your partner.

And this site moderator is correct: This is the greatest website every invented. I am getting married in August and the reception hall just told us the date we had was booked.

So, now we a couple months left, we have no reception hall. I was about to cancel the wedding and say forget the whole thing, who cares.

After reading this website, I realized I am not the only one, and ok I can get through this!!!! Weddings are over rated and I have been focusing on show instead of the meaning of unity with another.

I'm not anti-marriage, but I am anti-wedding. I tell people that I don't want a wedding and I get the comments "everyone deserves to be a princess for a day", "you don't really mean that" and "don't you want to make your Mother happy?

I say to all selfish ridiculous women out there, take your white dress and stick it where the sun don't shine! I'd rather spend that kind of money on a house.

When people ask inappropriate questions like that just change the subject to the weather. That subtly lets them know that the topic is not up for debate.

The more you answer nasty questions, the more they will attack. It's better to nip these things in the bud. The site is funny, but as a "bride-to-be" barf let me tell you not all of us want weddings.

I did not want one at all, but let myself get talked into it by my boyfriend, my mom, his mom , my grandparents, my aunts etc etc who are all dying to dress me up like a doll and waste money on centerpieces.

As the date get closer I wish more and more that I had just put my foot down and just refused as I am dreading it hence I came across your site by fruitlessly typing "I hate my damn wedding" into google.

How in the world did this site turn into yet another venue for brides talking about themselves and their stupid stupid weddings??!!!

I came here to escape from my roommate who met some guy less than a month ago and now cannot shut up about every single little detail down to what is going to be engraved on the engagement ring she hasn't even been proposed to with yet.

I wanted to drive a pen solidly into my leg about half way down this page. Kudos to whoever designed this site as it was a brilliant idea I love like-minded people who hate weddings as well!

I am so sick and tired of people asking me when the wedding is. That is the only thing people care about! Unless my fiance agrees to go away and get married he will remain my finace for the rest of our lives.

Weddings are all about the show. I could never figure out why invites gave the names of the bride and groom's parents.

Why do weddings have to be a huge production? Why not use the money to celebrate a marriage that has lasted more than 5 years!

All of the stupid traditions make me want to puke. Gigs up, no virgin white dress here! Bridesmaids are ugly accessories to make the bride feel better about herself.

Last time I checked I wasn't property of my father therefore I can't be "given away. No woman I know. Stop clinking your glasses and drink already!

Thank you so much. I'm in the 'pissed off about wedding planning bride-to-be who randomly typed in a URL' category. I thought I was the only one.

I was sooo excited when my fiance proposed, so happy. I'm still very happy but now the planning is driving bonkers. You're not getting married in a church??

You're not inviting so-and-so and so-and-so's parents" Never mind I haven't talked to them in 5 years. Thanks for the space for this rant!!!!!!! If I'm traveling far away to a wedding, I'd certainly want that information The white wedding dress has nothing to do with that, it's just a trend that was popularized by Queen Victoria.

In some religons, the bride and groom walk in together. In traditional Jewish weddings, the bride and groom are accompanied by both of their parents.

Worn Down By Weddings wrote: I'm glad I have company in my thoughts. I have to go to one of those dreaded wedding shows tonight and to be honest I'd rather attend a funeral-that's how much I enjoy weddings.

I"m married, we did a small wedding, no fluff or pretense and no big money flushed down the toilet. To me the worst weddings are those lovely destination weddings.

We've had friends think its cute to make everyone fly to the islands or to Disney World so they can put on their wedding show.

Of course they tell us its such a great idea because then we get to have a vacation-Um, I'll be the judge of that. And who are they to decide how I use my vacation time from work anyway?

Yes, they want you to spend thousands just to get there and then give them a big gift on top of it to help them pay for their over the top shindig. No matter what cute or unique touches somebody adds, all it is to me is an agonizing few hours of pretense.

Somehow the marriage itself gets lost in all the glitz and glamour. Check "not attending" on the RSVP card and send a gift.

Tell them you can't afford it, you're out of vacation time, work is too busy that you can't get away, whatever.

I don't think they will give a flip why you're not attending as long as you send a gift. I have attended weddings of my sister, my nephews on my wife's side, and a best friend's wedding.

I never liked the pomp and circumstance, and just laugh and cry at the tens of thousands of dollars that was wasted that could be used as a DP on a house or a car.

Instead, it was blown so everyone would get on the dance floor, look like horses' asses and that is being unfair to the horse!

My wedding had no one there but my wife, myself and the wedding officiant, with no parties, etc. Damned proud of that, too!

Honest Wedding Guest wrote: Moral 6 should be Moral 1. I really, really hate weddings that mirror something you might see on TV when a Prince of England gets married I was at a wedding that involved the bridge getting on a white horse and riding away.

Well, the horse got spooked and jumped up on his back legs and threw her off. THAT was fun to watch as a guest. Cagalli - Yeah, I agree. The wedding becomes more like a parade that celebrates some alternate universe where the couple thinks they are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie I really hate the speeches too I have to attend a wedding tomorrow.

My friend's second we were not invited to the first due to his first wife's insanity and I really don't want to go. I am dreading the "wedding-in-a-can" routine that I have had to endure endless times.

My favorite wedding was a small affair outdoors, the ceremony was short and sweet and the reception was under a pavilion with food on paper plates great food , a blues band and croquet.

I hate the fact that I am a bridesmaid in my friends wedding I wish I said NO a long time ago. Mind you my friend is Yeah I'm really looking forward to being a bridesmaid in this wedding.

I now realize that I have to suffer in a red gown that I many never wear again and see my friendship broken. I felt like an accessory to my friends ego and I'm already sick and tired of it!

I want out but by this point it's too damn late. I was also surprised by how insecure she is about her fiance's sisters soon to be SIL wedding happening a month or two later.

She see's herself as competiting with her soon to be SIL and it's sick; she also dislikes the SIL but that's another story. I'm just disgusted by how egotistical my friend is acting, I used to like her but now she seems to have lacked the brains and spine to get her head straight and her life in order.

And to think, I work a part-time job and am going to school full time!!!! Largan, it sounds like this "friend" may not be worth keeping anyway.

You had best cut your losses and bail out now. Does your "friend's" future SIL happen to be employed? Maybe that's why your "friend" is jealous of her.

Any wedding with more then ten people in it or that takes longer then one hour is a waste. One of the reason my "friend" dislikes her soon to be SIL is because of her constant "drama" as she deems it.

It's because, as she perceives, she is "white trash. As far as I'm concerned, my "friend" isn't much better since she had a lot of oppertunities in the past to get off her arse and work hard and acheive something for herself.

Instead she just went from one man to the next since the age of She was never really independent for her own self and explored herself and life, alone.

Color me disgusted and disappointed! It's sad that she's been attached for as long as she has and she hasn't had the chance to really have the kind of fun most twenty somethings have-being free and independent and working hard on a goal or goals in life.

I would cut my loses, but it's too late at this point, the wedding is next week. So I'll just suffer, fake my smile. Thankfully I invited a close, male, single friend who understands how I feel about this situation.

Thanks for the reply. I'll keep everyone in the loop! Will everyone stop getting sodding married. You are all sick twisted F's who life would be better off without!

I hate weddings, stop ruining my life! Well my friends wedding was an over the top, overblown, purposely sodded affair; and the other two bridesmaid weren't much better For a friend who claims that she doesn't like being the center of attention the bride than why the hell DID she create a lame, ass, typical or "traditional" American wedding instead of I don't know-doing something low key instead?

The first time around was horrible enough! I was ready to move in the other direction for the first dance but then was forced, against my wishes to do so.

Besides, he was better off and happier dancing with his wife the rest of the night. Anyway back to the story: When the DJ wanted the bridal party up for dance two I was still trying to get through dinner of salmon, potatoes and carrots when the other two bridesmaid pointed out what the DJ wanted the bridal party to do.

I promptly told them that I was not going to do it. I'll call this one Engaged Bridesmaid since she's engaged to the brides brother said that I should do it for the Bride.

I continued to tell her no, I would rather be myself and no go through another dance with the said groom man. Well her reply was, "well you can be miserable then.

As soon as I finished my dinner I went over to one of the servers and asked for the key card for the room where they were hiding the bridal party earlier.

When I got there, I began to take out the pins from my hair and tossed those in the trash and then took off the constricting dress. I was comfortable and I was myself, for once all day.

No fakery, no expensive updo's, no more backstabbing nonesense. When I started to wrap the dress back in plastic, I looked at in on the table and realized how tacky the dress looked.

With it's sparkly, floral design and red I realized that this was a dress I never wanted to see again. The dress, in my opinion was already tainted with the stress, frustration and patronizing attitudes from the fellow bridal party members and at the point I shed the attire to be myself in comfort.

To breathe and be happy again! After that I had a great time throughout the night and spent plenty of time with the "outcasts" of table 9. I really didn't care what everyone else thought, to be honest I didn't care either.

The other two bridesmaids may of given me dirty looks because I changed out of my gown and abandoned it to comforrt and true friends but I was better off.

The bride and groom didn't mind either, as I pointed out to them at the end of night-no one cares what I really do. Everyone cares about what you two are doing and that's that.

They were a-okay with it and I wished them luck on their new venture As for the Engaged Bridesmaid: I pity the poor souls who have to slog through her besotted affair.

I hope no one from the wedding reads thi wrote: I hate weddings too!!! My brother is getting married in October and it is just ridic.

They are inviting people!!! For the bridal shower, people were invited and me and the rest of the bridesmaids actually have to pay for this whole damn shin-dig.

I put my name on the rsvp's to be nice and do my part for the shower , but apparently the bride's mother was taking rsvps as well and will email me multiple times to ask who responded.

If she wanted to know, then she should have put her damn name and number down. I think that everyone thinks I am made of money.. If I ever get married, I just want to elope or do a nice dinner Don't they have any friends??

Apparently my friend only wanted 2 people as her bridesmaids-her long time friend who was the MOH and me. Boy does that girl have an attitude, I would NOT want to be one of her bridesmaids in her wedding.

Also instead of the bouquet toss they just handed over the bouquet to the new and future couple. If only us already single girls didn't have it hard enough I have been a bridesmaid three times in the last two years.

Not only do you have to deal with bridezillas's but you have to spend tons on money on hair, the dress, gifts and travel expenses.

Plus the whole day you put on a smile while you starve because the bride nor the photographer cares if you have eaten all day and have to wait until dinner.

And why do photographers always want to make you look fat? I have so many awesome pictures I have taken with friends but at weddings everyone always looks strained tired and bloated with the fake smiles.

Yup wedding's are the most selfish and enoying events ever. If I get married I am having some rules. I will pay and plan for a nice breakfast and lunch before the wedding.

I want everyone to have fun I dont care if everything looks bad if the food is good and everyone is happy and relaxed I am happy.

I'm getting married next month. I'm having guests come- not because I wanted to, but because my fiance and his mother want it.

I've been driving myself crazy for the past 7 months with wedding overload. I've turned into several different versions of the crazed bridezilla.

If I had it my way, I'd be on an island with only immediate family and the closest of friends. I freakin love this site and all of you that hate weddings as much as I do.

I just want it to be over and done with. Thanks for letting me vent! And I thought I may have been the only person who struggles at Weddings.

I've been invited to around 8 in the last year. With the exception of my best friends weding someone who I respect and think something of , They have all been a sodding nightmare!

One of my more recent weddings involved a run in with a stressed out and rude photographer, who was barking commands at the guests like a bloody school teacher!

When I got in the way I was asked if I was stupid or somthing? The Family of the Bride got upset when I done a runner from any further photo taking.

I rahtered that than have everyone look on as I shoved said Xamera where the sun doesn't shine!! That was 2 months ago and I'm still being ignored.

I feel a bit bad, but I couldn't care less when two almost strangers get hitched and I get an invite. What a waste of a day when noone is bothered you've turned up.

I'll do the Church out of respect but fuck the reception Thanks but no Thanks. This site is fantastic.

I am getting married in October to a wonderful woman, but we have very different ideas about what a wedding is all about.

She sees it as her "big day". I see it as money that should be spent on buying a home. Every dollar that is spent on the wedding I see as flushed down the toilet.

As my credit card bills increase, so does my frustration with the whole thing. Thankfully, she has attempted to save money where she can; however, I still see this as a rather large waste.

I would've rather preferred a small, private wedding and a nice party afterwards. My suggestion to anyone reading this, or who finds themselves agreeing, is to speak up early, because when the wedding train starts moving, there ain't no stopping it.

What I hate about my wedding is that I didn't just go to the courthouse and skip all the fucking drama and bullshit from everyone! Hey Jade, why didn't you just put your foot down and tell the Groom and soon to be MIL that you won't have any of their nonesense!?

Get some balls and don't be afraid to speak out-you'll be a hell of a lot happier if you did. Fed Up with Wed Nups wrote: I'm pissed because my fiance of 4 years and I were supposed to move back home miles from where we are now , buy a house first, THEN get married, but he's from another country and we have to speed it up so he doesn't get deported, so not only do we have to waste house money on a wedding, but we have to plan it while we're living miles from the wedding site for the family, I mean, my mother.

We'd elope but my mom is still holding a grudge against my brother who did so, and a year's aggravation of planning a wedding is far more tolerable than a lifetime of aggravation from my mother.

Stupid outdated tradition perpetuated by the wedding industry. You fellow sympathizers should dig this.

At my brother's wedding, my year-old cousin and I age 22 were playing tug-of-war with the tossed bouquet I was very drunk, which is why I was in there in the first place.

In order to make her let go, I bit her on the arm. Revenge of the Wedding Guest crap, I wrote an essay about it a couple years ago and that should've been the title!

I sooo hate going to weddings, and now that I have to plan one for Mom, of course, who I'll admit I owe a lot , I sooooooooooooooooooooo hate them more.

I needed to hear that. My wedding is next week, and I'm terrified that I may have created a monster. My husband-to-be is great, but it sucks to be a bride.

Not because it's too hard or complicated or anything like that I'm so tired and over it all. My brother is getting married tomorrow, and to their credit, they are having a very small affair.

As small as it can be, considering the amt of extended family and friends invited, but just a sit-down dinner at a restaurant. But then, we had to have a bridal shower why?

No one had a party for me to get stuff when I bought a house Now tonight there is a big party at the bride-to-be's house.

No need for a reheasal dinner when you're not rehearsing anything. I called and begged off, and now my family is calling to nag me about it.

I just don't care I thought I was the only one, until I found your website. I'm getting married in May, and my fiance and I decided to go to City Hall for the ceremony and the restaurant where he proposed in our home town for the reception.

Our families didn't like this, let me tell you I'm happy with our decisions to date and we've both come to realize that it's all for one day, why spend so much money and pin all your hopes on that day?

We have the rest of our lives to enjoy together. Thanks for creating this site! I hope to visit it often! I'm in the middle of planning a "traditional" wedding, and I've lost count of how many times I've asked my fiance if we can just elope he says no, because his mom would never forgive him.

And it also ticks me off how business see a woman who's about to get married and immediately assume that she'll pay any price for what she wants, no matter how badly they treat her, and that adding "wedding" ups the price ridiculously!!!

This halmark BS wedding is an industry out of control. I just got engaged and can't do this wedding thing. Thank you for this site.

I'm scared to tell my mom though because I really don't want her to be disappointed and know she will be. But, if I can put an end to the crazy expectations sooner rather than later, I don't need to think about wedding stuff and can return to just loving my finance.

At last - a refreshing read about the dark side of weddings. Having been an unwilling participant of daily wedding talk with several brides of late, I am simply unable to appreciate their self obssessed, "I am a princess" thought process.

These normally rational, balanced individuals have morphed into people I no longer recognise. There are not words in the English language to describe how much I loathe and despise weddings.

I'm a Christian and am all for marriage. I hate the emotional voyeurism, in the sense that the couple are expected to get all sentimental and tearful in front of a crowd of hundreds; I hate the insane expense for a single day; I hate the way it all ends up being about everyone else's expectations and tradition and convention, even if it's utterly inappropriate to the particular couple; I hate the way all weddings are so generic and samey; I HATE the way that according to the traditional format, the men do all of the talking at the reception while the women sit in silence.

If I never get invited to another wedding again it will be too soon for me. My good for nothing husband ditched me last year, but even in our happiest moments I regretted going along with all the fluffy crap and always wished we'd just eloped.

If I get married again, that's what I'll be doing. The funniest thing about brides is that for YEARS after their weddings they still talk about them as if they happened yesterday.

Critiquing this and that, what went right, what went wrong, etc. I forgot about your wedding long ago, none of them are that interesting beyond the occasional drunken fool falling down.

I LOVE love, and I am completely in love with my man, but weddings take all that good lovin' and trivialize it and commodify it.

Weddings are all about money. As a soon to be bride people are being crazy about my wedding, I am all for the small weddings or the court house and people keep trying to tell me how to do my wedding.

Doesn't everyone say its the brides day? So why are they worrying about things I am not?? I do not expect people to remember my day even two days after and if I am happy with the end product then what is the big deal about planing years in advance and spending money I do not have.

My Fiance and myself are really simple people and I am sure that if he wants to show up in a bright lime green suit then many people would be pissed.

But I think it would halarious. But, a couple should pay attention to each other and not care if the lighting isnt right, or if grandpa falls asleep in the middle of the ceremony and snores to where is echos above the preacher.

Everyone knows that if your in church then its most likly not to entertaining. I was trying to opt out for the cruise my dad promised me when I was He always said that if I skipped the whole wedding thing en ran away with my soon to by hubby then he would pay and the capitan would marry us I dont mind it so much since it is important to my fiance But, this topic of rediculous weddings and the couples losing site of why there even getting married is the argument I am writing for my class.

I am glad I am not the only one that was thinking that spending to much money and time Idont have to plan a wedding that will last a couple hours is stupid.

I love my fiance so much and we have been through a lot of crap together and I do not want to forget all of that just because the shade of green we picked out isnt just perfect.

Thank you for a rambeling place: My bf of 4 years and I just got engaged. We want something quirky, fun and simple, but it's like asking for x-ray vision and being able to fly!

We are just in the chatting phase of planning, and already I wish I could segregate friends and family. That way, we'd have one laid back fun wedding, and one uptight stressful one.

I hate weddings - all 13 that I have been in. The good news is I'm the last single one standing. The downside is, they are all consumed in their marriages and their children, even picking up a phone is an incredible feat.

Oh, they only get more selfish. If you think you hate the unbelievable selfishness of everything that goes along with weddings Wait until all your friends start having babies.

If I have to watch one more pre-picked gift it's on the registry for God-sake getting unwrapped and trying to pretend like I find a breast pump interesting, I'm going to kill someone.

And if I have to fake that watching a sleeping baby is the highlight of my day one more time, you'll be seeing me on the 6 o'clock news.

What gets even better is when they get old enough to know about 12 words and you call your friend only so she can leave you stuck on the phone with a toddler because that's who I wanted to talk to.

Not only do I hate weddings, I hate brides, bridesmaid dresses, spending a fortune on gifts, getting the absolute shit end of the stick because I'm "single".

Apparently, I also hate pregnant women who expect me to seriously stop what I'm doing and be fascinated by their birthing canals.

I hate baby showers with a vengence and having children thrust upon me. I guess when you've had enough of everyone's "special days", you really have had too many of them.

I hate married people. I hate married people with kids even more. I just think it turns really great single friends into self-absorbed, narcissistic people that I don't even like.

Friends I loved, travelled all over with, had so many great experiences with, are now people that I can go eat dirt.

I hate weddings with a vengance but they are nothing in comparison to when all the wives start having kids. You'll learn to hate baby showers even more.

So youll have to excuse all the rest of us for not giving a rats ass. I had to through in something about single parents and the cost of attending these family functions that offer nothing for young people.

It will cost be several thousand bucks to get myself and my year-old to Duluth from Nova Scotia, Canada for a nephew's wedding and although I would love to visit the place I don't want to be stuck at a hotel with a year-old watching everybody get drunk while my kid fidgets in the corner wishing she was home.

I wish people planning these events would consider their travelling guests! I agree with the person who suggested sending a note and a cheque.

That's what I'm going to do and I'm so glad you created this site!!! I'm going to be a bridesmaid a second time here, and the ONLY reason I said yes was from my deep and abiding love for my friend who is getting married.

She has not turned into a freakshow yet thankgod, but the best man? You'd think HE was the bride! Myself and several other members of the bridal party voiced our concern over this deeply flawed example of bad planning to him and were all but totally ignored.

Finally we approached the couple themselves to let them know that is just wasn't do-able for most of us 2 of the 8 people in the wedding party are unemployed, 2 others are college students, etc We got it changed the bride and groom couldn't have cared less , but now I've been getting hateful, nasty emails from the best man stating that I've 'ruined' the bachelor party.

It's supposed to be fun, outrageous and relatively cheap. It's not part of the pomp and circumstance. Goooood God, I hate weddings.

This is my last one as a bridesmaid. Everyone else will have to settle for a lovely check and some well wishes. Thank god I'm not the only one who hates weddings!

If one more person primarily female co-workers or relatives who I'm not close to ask how the wedding planning is going while gushing I might just go on a shooting rampage.

For moral 5, can I hate my wedding too? Groom wanted a wedding, I wanted to elope or just keep on living together Why should I spend my hard earned cash on crap for what basically amounts to an over-hyped party when there are starving children in the world for example?

The site is saving my sanity little by little. I am not alone, I am not alone, wedding suck, I am not alone I officially love this site. I no longer feel guilty that I don't want a wedding like the rest of my friends and relatives do.

I realize that wanting a small simple wedding and not caring about details and wanting to save money is part of my personality.

I have no need to be princess for a day. The man I love already treats me like a queen. Thanks for this site! I can't even count the amount of money I have spent for my friends wedding.

Its to the point were I am really questioning "should I even get him a gift. Honestly isn't that enough of a gift.

If you argue that I should at least get him a gift to cover the cost of my plater when then I just wont eat. I'll stop at Wendy's on the way to the reception.

I am so glad that my future wife is so much more reasonable on wedding plans. I will be proud that I am getting married to the love of my life, not that I got a crap ton of gifts, and everyone I know has there undivided attention on me for a whole day.

The best man is a drama queen! God is love and alive. It seems that minorities have a greater ability to laugh at ourselves than bridezillas do!

I'm tired of going to weddings for the same relatives over and over. I'll attend a nice celebration for the first one is fine if that's what makes you happy.

But for the second, third, fourth, etc. This website is a Godsend to me. The first one wasnt so bad but of course the 2nd one has to out do the first one.

I have come to realize only insecure, self absorbed people cannot wait to have a wedding. The relish in the attention they get and they get off on everyone telling them how beautiful they are.

Thank you for having this website!!! I know you may seem rude and harsh sometimes but to be honest it is nothing compared to: I am glad I am not the only one!

I sure wish that the traditional wedding would be a thing of the past. I think it is very degrading for a woman to wear a white dress with a veil and have her father give her away.

If I get married, I am going to ask my fiance if he wants to wear white I am going to wear black and have his mother walk him down the aisle, while I stand there and wait for him.

I wish that people would realize that Princesses are kept in line I really doubt that someone would want to be a princess in real life.

I'm so happy to have found this site. Mostly I am bothered by how selfish people become the minute they get engaged. Yes, I'm happy for you, yes, it's wonderful, but that's it.

I hate that every time I talk to my best friend the conversation revolves around wedding stuff, and worse, that the person I consider my best-friend doesn't realize that she's forcing me to be fake.

But, if I don't express how "wonderful" everything is, I fee mean. Weddings are something that seriously piss me off to no end. I've been engaged for 10 months, am getting married in 4 months, and have managed to do absolutely no planning whatsoever.

I am planning to keep it this way. However, my fiance wants to have the big ridiculous wedding and all the B. Which might be fine if he would plan it It is also annoying to have constant questions about it- especially "So, when is the Big Day?

I've spent five years getting a dual major for a purpose, not just to get an MRS. I hate weddings, too! I'm getting married in July.

All the recent preparations for the upcoming wedding made me realize the huge differences in life perspectives between my fiance and me and how little she really cares about my needs.

At this point, I just want to disappear off the face of this planet. People can really suck sometimes -- weddings bring out the worst in people. I'm not a very religious person, so the ceremony is just a formality.

Another victim of herd mentality Well, i do love the idea of getting married but i can't stand all that fancy crap of organizing a wedding!

In my case, it's a little worse: It really drives me crazy when i think of all those people i don't know, whom expect me to be dressed up in white because i am a virgin this is not a joke!

So, my offer for getting married is: I was shocked when my future husband mentioned me about some of his relatives he actually never met but only knows they exist, so this would entitle them to be guests at our wedding in his culture!

I hope this way i will be able to say: Anti Wedding Hater wrote: I hate weddings and don't plan on making anyone suffer another one.

Just being happy with the person you love should be enough. Why does one couple need that much people to congratulate them on being in love.

That is just something only you and him should celebrate and not force others to care about that nonsense.

I am not speaking as a single person that only dreams of marriage, I'm in a long term six year relationship and have been happy. Not one second I thought that I needed a wedding.

We basically are just as solid as a marriage because we own a home and have joint accounts and the whole works. And it makes me happy to be happy in love and that is enough.

I wish others found happieness without needing a big ceremony to focus on them and give a nonsense crap about theiur love.

Yet I am getting married in July. It all started with "we will keep it small and simple She knew from the beginning that I hated weddings BUT every time that I express my unhappiness with it she starts crying.

The cost of it all is also incredible and I wonder to what point is worth it? That money could be better spent in soo many other things!

Paying for property, education, travel or even as savings! Instead we will end up in debt for an event, that was mostly her decision and where I have had little input in.

I love this site! I would like the add 'I also hate hen weekends' to the list of things that suck about weddings! What ever happened to a hen night, and why do people think that spending a fortune to go away with a bunch of people so you can 'get to know each other' before the wedding is a good idea?

Why do I need to get to know somebody when I'll only see them for one day anyway? And why do we have dress-codes and all this nonsense.

As my sister-in-law to be plans her wedding, I am coming closer and closer to eloping. It saddens me that the magic of my own wedding has been taken away by other people's!

Still, at least I know what I don't want now! I really would like to get married to a girl with a great spirit who does not give a shit about weddings.

And to that girl, I'll commit my love, my life, my everything. I'll consider her my equal and will always be her true friend, rather than be her prince charming and treat her like some silly princess.

So, anyone out there?? I'm planning mine at the moment and have spent a grand total of three days of planning, and it's basically done.

I think weddings are a huge money pit for everyone involved, even if they're not part of the party. I spent four years in university working way harder there than at getting my boyfriend, and yet no one celebrates that very much!

Being desperately feminist also, a traditional wedding seems so hypocritical. PS- I love the bulls-eye on the bride up top!

I personally loathe when I receive invites, and even thought I'd get through my 20s and 30s with a tiny amount of weddings I had to go to.

Many times now I"ll decline polite and send a gift, or show up with a gift and leave 2 hours later. If one wants to call me a party pooper, too bad.

My time is valuable to me and 9 out of 10 times the wedding reception is a total waste of time. I can't even believe people spend insane amounts of money and then expect the gifts to somehow pay off the debts raised by the reception.

Is it any wonder why so many are in debt, have no savings, and live check to check when they crank out a few kids?

So one might think "What about you? I will spend the cash on a white dress and a church for my bride, and a nice honeymoon. I will not spend loads of cash on a grand reception that no one will really want to come to, nor will I fill some registry with expensive crap that I don't need.

Better to rent out a room at a nice restaurant, cater in appetizers and drinks, and kill off the party after a few hours.

Wedding after wedding, I can't fathom why people put so much importance on a grand reception when in the long run they put little effort on the marriage itself.

Celebrate the matrimony, but also celebrate the new life together This site is so in line with my thinking, I almost feel like I have wrote the dam articles!

I have been splitting my side Tom! I hate weddings too! Even though it is written for comedy and shock value, it has given me a great outlet for the frustration and, at times, rage I feel toward weddings.

If I have to listen to plans for "the big day," or hear the idiotic line about it being "all about the bride" one more time, I may slit my own wrists.

I despise weddings, from start to finish. I hate that, once a friend of mine became engaged, all she could do was talk about the music, the reception hall, the color of the bridesmaids' dresses, the color of the napkins, and even the tuxedos SHE picked out for the groomsmen.

When I asked her why she picked out the tuxedos instead of the groom, her only response was to laugh and point out, in her wisdom, that "the wedding is about the bride I have yet to meet a single bride who wasn't a self-centered bitch for the months leading up to her "big day," and a totally narcissistic demon on the day of.

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